Propane Tank Lock & Key

$ 62.75

  • Includes one key per lock.
  • High Security Propane Tank Lock with a registered key code, blocks the outlet valve of a propane tank, effectively preventing the release of propane gas from the tank.
  • The key-operated plug lock serves as a valve block for retail or larger residential and industrial tank valves.
  • Residential and industrial tanks can be “locked-up” for non-payment or to protect against unauthorized access.
  • Re-usable retail tanks, which may be behind a barrier or locked inside a caged enclosure, are easy pickings if the fence or cage door is breached. 
  • The P.O.L. valve locking system deters theft by making a filled or an empty retail tank useless to a thief because the free spinning head makes it impossible to wrench off the tank.

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